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Bernadette Wijnings takes up position as co-CEO of Blanco

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Blanco announces that Bernadette Wijnings will take up the position of co-CEO. Wijnings was previously CFO of Blanco and will, amongst other things, focus on realising a Series B investment for the scale-up. This should make further international growth possible. Blanco’s solutions are now being used by 126 financial institutions in six European countries.

KYC solution for financial institutions

Wijnings: More and more financial companies, such as asset managers, crypto providers and VC funds, need to be able to retrieve and verify information from their customers and users. This is necessary to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. With this legislation, the EU hopes to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering. Our KYC solution helps companies to comply with these laws and regulations and partly explains why we have grown significantly in the past year.”

Founded in 2015, Blanco develops user-friendly technology specifically for asset managers that automates the entire asset management process. In addition to the increasing demand for our KYC solution, a growing number of asset managers are opting for our Investment Suite. This software makes portfolio management easier and more efficient, allowing asset managers to focus on customer contact and advice,” Wijnings said.

Co-CEOs for Series B round 

I founded Blanco together with Joost Walgemoed – and in fact we have always worked together as founders and co-CEOs. Now that Blanco is growing so much, it is important to manage this next phase of scaling up,” Wijnings says. She is also co-owner and founder of Het Strategiekantoor. In the coming period, however, Wijnings will fill her role as co-CEO at Blanco full-time. 

Wijnings: Starting this year, I will focus on realising a Series B funding for Blanco, so that we can continue to invest substantially in our products and services and accelerate our international growth. With the new capital, we are able to add even more value to our customers.”

Previously, Dutch Founders Fund, KBC Focus Fund, Volta Ventures and a number of strategic angels invested in Blanco. 

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