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Collaboration with Evidos facilitates itsme verification.


At Blanco, we love to create win-win situations: a collaboration which ultimately benefits everyone. Recently, we’ve partnered with Evidos: a company enabling online document signing. (Nice to know: Evidos is an abbreviation of Evidence in Online Services’). Because of our collaboration, Evidos now also supports itsme®, a verification method that is widely used in Belgium. Belgian Blanco users can now also use this verification method. Read the press release here (in Dutch).

The Belgian success of itsme® is caused by its user-friendliness. Users connect their itsme® account to their bank card or electronic identity card, then they can confirm their identity via a smartphone app using a PIN code or fingerprint. At Blanco, we want to make it as easy as possible to digitally sign all documents required in the asset management cycle. itsme® was therefore essential for us as a Belgian verification method. Obviously, we can’t simply set up identity checks and document signatures ourselves; this has to be done by a certified party. That’s why we contacted Evidos, with the request to embrace itsme® as a verification method…. And the rest is history. Blanco is now the launching customer of Evidos’ itsme® application.

We chose to work with Evidos because they offer identification and verification methods for all EU member states, which is in line with Blanco’s growth ambitions. Moreover, Evidos guarantees the greatest form of security with regard to online identification and verification. Signing online with itsme® means choosing the highest level of security: itsme® has been recognised by the EU as a Qualified Trust Service Provider since September 2018. All in all this is good news for our Belgian users!

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