Blanco Investment Suite for wealth managers

The portfolio management system, reporting and securities administration that set you free to spend more time on your clients. AML & MiFID compliant.
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Technology that automates the full asset management cycle, putting your expertise center stage.

At Blanco, we don’t believe in tech only. We believe in the symbiosis between man and machine. That’s why we’ve created an Investment Suite that automates the full asset management cycle, but keeps your expertise center stage at the same time: see our Investment Suite as your proprietary digital investment tool, leaving you as the one making all the investment decisions for your clients. 

Additionally, our Investment Suite is always up to date with the latest rules and regulations, notifying you when action is needed. As a result, your business becomes way less complex, much more efficient and cost-effective. In short: our technology sets you free to spend more time on your clients. We believe financial services can’t do without technology, but neither can it do without human trust and empathy. Blanco helps you to stay competitive in our tech-dominated future.

Completely web-based, client portal accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet
Plug & Play: short implementation cycle
Create a bespoke interface in your companies’ look and feel to impress clients
Supports you to be 100% compliant with rules and regulations
Complete the Blanco Investment Suite with our Blanco KYC & Compliance Suite
Module 1

Portfolio Management System

Manage your clients’ portfolios within their risk profile efficiently and easily. Includes all functionality you’d expect, but what’s more:
  • Use the CRM module to manage your tasks and to capture all relevant prospect and client information (personal details, conversations, digital documents, events, scenario analyses, etc.).
  • Fully customizable to your way of working, e.g.: consolidate reporting, manage your own portfolios, interface in your own design, administer all assets including non-bankable, etc.
  • Retrieve and process data from more than 30 European custodians and dedicated operation teams for ensured data verification.
  • Order generation and distribution using the FIX protocol.
  • Invoice your clients using multiple calculation definitions.
  • Create asset pools and link them to model portfolios to increase efficiency.
  • Use the reporting feature to keep clients updated on the performance of their portfolio and share projections on achieving financial goals.
  • Periodically rebalance your client portfolios through the automated order generator.
PMS module 1
Module 2

Securities Administration

Robotize your Securities Administration: a complete cash, securities and order administration, including a built-in connection to institutional brokers and custodians.
  • Access a full administration for funds, ETFs, equities, bonds and long options, including a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Manage all transactions: collect transactions and reassign them to their respective initial client order. An option to place orders in cash (fractioning) is included.
  • Trust the built-in four-eyes principle in key processes. 
  • Rely on the integrated corporate actions handling and position reconsolidation.
  • Order calculation, ‑administration and ‑trail.
  • Take care of all regulatory and client reporting.
Damp module 5

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Use cases

Pieter 007
— Pieter Aartsen, director Knox:

No Knox without Blanco.”

Pieter Aartsen is, as we speak, busy setting up Knox: the very first independent custody institution for and by wealth- and asset managers themselves. Knox is going to use …
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Paul 003
— Paul Kramer, co-owner of Index Capital:

Blanco is now fully integrated in our daily practice.”

Paul Kramer is co-owner of Index Capital Asset Management, a pioneer in the field of Index investing in the Netherlands. This Breda asset manager is one of Blanco’s first hour …
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Technology assisted by expert services

Company 03

Our knowledge is always accessible to our clients.

Instead of being imposed on people, our Wealth Management Platform serves people. That’s why our technology is designed for a superior user experience. Nevertheless, we understand that adopting a new fintech platform is never fully seamless.

Know that we offer full guidance to help you get accustomed to the Blanco Clients Suite and/​or Assets Suite quickly. We’re also happy to share our industry knowledge and love to be your sparring partner when it comes to rules and regulations.

Compliance Advice

We assess your compliance documentation and procedures, and share advice for possible improvements. Blanco also offers guidance when it comes to the implementation of rules and regulations, and can help you with your license application. 

ISAE 3402 Guidance

An ISAE 3402 certification provides insight into critical processes within an organization and shows whether the company is in control’. Blanco offers guidance in the ISAE 3402 certification process.

Business Process Outsourcing

In combination with the Securities Administration module of the Blanco Assets Suite, you can outsource your securities operations to us, if you’d like. Let us take care of operational tasks like reconciliation and corporate actions for you.