Company Profile

Fintech B2B provider Blanco was founded on 27 October 2015 by Joost Walgemoed and Bernadette Wijnings. Blanco develops technology especially for wealth- and asset managers that automates the entire wealth- and asset management process from A to Z. Blanco also develops technology for financial institutions that makes complex KYC processes much simpler.

Blanco’s team does not believe in technology alone, but in the symbiosis of man and machine: the best service is provided by combining the efficiency and cost savings offered by automation with the trust and empathy that the human factor brings. Blanco ensures that regulated companies in general, and asset managers in particular, can once again fully focus on what it’s all about in the end: their customers.


Blanco has over 50 Blanconians with 15 different nationalities. The language of communication is English. The important values on which the Blanco team is built are: inclusive, nimble and determined. The management is formed by Manouk Fles, Joost Walgemoed, Johan Verschelden, Katrien Van Parijs.

In the Benelux over 125 professional clients are served, including wealth- and asset managers, investment funds, brokers and banks, with underlying 20,000 relations and administrative assets of over 26 billion euros. Blanco has 5 offices in 3 countries.

In 2017 Blanco was nominated for the Dutch Fintech Awards, was finalist at the Red Herring 100 Europe and with Bernadette Wijnings Blanco won the Woman in Fintech award in Luxembourg. In 2018 Blanco won the NRC Live Fintech Impact Award. In 2019 Blanco won the Amsterdam Fintech Forum Award 2019 and the third prize in the Fintech Junction Award for the best European Fintech Startup. Blanco was also named Sprout Challenger50 2019 by Sprout. Among others, KBC Venture Fund, Volta Ventures and Dutch Founders Fund participate in the startup-turning-scaleup’.